Dometal Oy's description of the cookies collected by the potila.fi websites

Cookies are small text files that Dometal’s electronic services, such as the potila.fi websites, retain on the data subject’s computer or mobile device when the data subject uses our electronic services.

Dometal’s potila.fi website use first-party cookies. The first-party cookies can be essential functional cookies. Such cookies are needed for the operation of website as it was planned.

Third-party cookies

Dometal potila.fi.info website may also place non-essential cookies. They can be, for example, consent-based analytical, marketing or unclassified cookies chosen by the user him/herself and used for purposes such as website development and the tracking and monitoring of the data subject’s movements on the websites. Third-party places the cookies in the data subject’s computer or mobile device based on service conditions between the data subject and a third party. Dometal is not responsible for such third-party cookies and does not place them on the data subject’s computer or mobile device when he/she uses the website.

Dometal uses Google Analytics cookies, which are analytics cookies. More information about the Google Analytics cookie is available at the following this link.

When using the websites the data subject may select the non-essential cookies to which he/she gives his/her consent. Essential cookies may be placed without regard to the consent of the data subject. The data subject may also change his/her browser settings, and delete the set cookies from the browser after having used the website.

Further information on how Dometal handles its customers' personal data and cookies can be found in the Dometal Privacy Statement.