Managing perennial weeds

Potila Solver is an excellent choice for organic farming. It effectively cuts weed roots, sorts material well, has excellent penetration properties, and is a suitable weight – offering sufficient weight on the tines while taking field compaction into account.

When equipped with 140mm wide goose foot blades, the harrow completely penetrates the cultivation base. The cultivation angle of the goose foot is optimal for cultivation and for cutting weed roots. The geometry and vibration of the S-tines lifts crop residue effectively to the surface of the field, where the weeds can be dried out by the sun.

Potila harrows’ spiral roller effectively removes soil from the roots of the weed so that the weeds dry out more quickly. As the weight and height of the spiral rollers can be adjusted, the roller can be efficiently adjusted to remove soil without burying the weeds in a cultivation layer.

The two-row following harrow is the finishing step in ensuring the weeds can dry out. Distributed across two rows, the harrow tines penetrate even large amounts of biomass and are able to separate weeds onto the field surface effectively.

Solver is a sturdy and relatively long-framed harrow. The long frame aids crop residue penetration and helps to achieve a good cultivation result. However, Solver is not among the heaviest harrows on the market, so soil compaction is minor. Load-bearing wheels effectively reduce the compaction of surface soil and guarantee that the harrow travels evenly across the field.